Solar Panels FAQ: Complete List of Solar FAQs in 2020

By | October 8, 2020

Solar FAQs – Complete List of Solar FAQs in 2020

Do you find yourself pondering whether solar energy is right to suit your needs or not? It’s not just you. There is plenty of information available on the internet on the topic of solar power panels; however most of it is difficult to understand. In an attempt to make things uncomplicated we have gone searching for the most general frequently asked questions (FAQs) about these solar panels. And listed below are a few of them.


How much electricity can be generated by a solar panel?

The amount of electricity that a solar panel can produce depends on its size and the actual power output can vary from just some watts to several hundred. Fundamentally, the quantity of electricity generated is in direct proportion to solar panel’s size. To put it differently, the larger the solar panel the greater the power production.

In which direction should the solar panels face?

To maximize the energy production potential of solar panels they should face in the direction where they can receive maximum sunlight. Locations in northern hemisphere should have solar panels facing south and locations in southern hemisphere should have solar panels facing north direction. In some cases it is not possible to meet this criterion, the solar panels can still utilized to produce electricity (however the energy output will be lower).

What kind of electrical energy is produced by solar panels?

Energy produced by solar panels is in the form of direct current (DC). Although, there are appliances that can be directly operated using this energy without any conversion. However, most of the common electric powered home appliances need energy in the form of alternating current (AC), for this purpose an inverter is used to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

Can solar panels be utilized in places that do not get a lot of sunshine?

Absolutely yes. Not all of us live in a region which gets a lot of sun, and even people that do might not have the perfect (i.e. clear, unobstructed) spot to install the solar panels. Solar panels installed in “not-so-ideal” conditions will generate energy however in lesser quantities. Nevertheless, there are ways by which we can overcome these drawbacks, one is to install more or larger panels and other is to cut down on our energy consumption.

What is the average lifespan of solar panels?

Generally solar panels can be expected to last more than 25 years.

The lifespan of solar panels really a bit on how it is set up; a solar panel which gets relocated quite a lot (such as the ones used in a portable device) is much more at risk of deterioration than one which is fixed at one location.

How can I determine how much energy I will require to power my house?

The easiest way to determine your energy requirement without making things tricky is to have a look at your past energy bills. Your electric power consumption will be given there – commonly in kw (kilowatts).

What kind of money can one save by making a switch to solar powered energy?

Although there is no totally precise approach to find an exact figure since it relies on a lot of factors, but we will let you know about the most typical ways in which you will save money by switching to solar energy.

Before anything you should evaluate how much will it cost to purchase the solar panels and have them installed (or else if you are making the solar panels on your own take into consideration the amount you will spend to buy the components). Once these solar panels are installed, you’ll start to recover your initial investment. How fast you’ll recover your expenses depends on how much power your solar panels produce and how much energy is drawn from the grid. For example, if half of your total energy needs are fulfilled from the power produced by solar panels, then your electric bill will be cut by 50%.

Also going by the current trends, utility rates will continue to increase in future and there is a very good chance you’ll save much more in the future in comparison with what you do initially.

Do solar panels need a lot of maintenance?

No. Other than routine cleaning of panels to keep the surface clean of dust or anything else that prevents sunlight from getting to the panel, there is not a lot you need to do to keep them in good shape.

Can you really make your own solar panels or do you have to purchase them?

It entirely depends on you. While solar panels sold commercially cost a lot of money, it is possible to make your own solar panels for a fraction of the retail cost. Small solar panels are easy to make, but with the help of right guidance it is possible to make large panels that can power your entire home using solar power.

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