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Best Rated 100 Watt Solar Panel Reviews 2020

Best Rated 100 Watt Solar Panel Reviews Solar Panel is the need of the hour. It is the best alternate for electrical energy after realizing the electricity crisis and it’s increasing cost. 100 Watt Solar Panels are actually special devices which absorb the natural sunlight and convert it into electricity. The surface of a Solar… Read More »

CSU-Pueblo signs on to $17 million solar panel power project

PUEBLO — CSU-Pueblo (Colorado State University-Pueblo) has signed on to a $17 million solar panel power project at the university that will be the main generating source for the academic campus. The Pueblo Chieftain reports university officials announced the partnership Friday with Johnson Controls, Inc., Capital Dynamics and Black Hills Energy. CSU-Pueblo President Timothy Mottet… Read More »

Flexible solar panels

Flexible solar panels First of all let me start by saying that this article will give you some background information on the three most popular flexible solar panels technology that is being touted today. Without getting bogged down in too much physics and technical detail. There is a lot of interest in these flexible solar panels because… Read More »

What Is A Home Energy Assessment?

What Is A Home Energy Assessment and Why Should You Care If you’ve already found the perfect electricity supplier, the best thing you can do to save even more on energy bills (not just electricity) and make your home more comfortable is to schedule no-cost a home energy assessment. What is a home energy assessment?… Read More »

Five Energy Rebates for Summer in MA

Did you know that there are twice as many searches for “refrigerator” in the summer, and nearly four times as many searches for “air conditioners”? Okay, so maybe that isn’t too surprising. Hot weather certainly can exaggerate the shortcomings in our home appliances. But what is surprising is how often people overlook energy rebates and… Read More »

The Best Way to Save Electricity and Money

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, which means people are about to start using more energy to heat their homes. It also means that everyone in the energy business is pushing energy-saving advice, top tips, and secret tricks that will help you “save big on utility bills this winter.” We’re going to give you… Read More »

Renewable Energy

It’s Easy Being Green Easy Energy is concerned about our environment. We want to work with you to help develop clean power sources in New England. Because we provide electricity at a reduced price, we hope you will choose to reinvest your savings into renewable energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint and strengthen Massachusetts’… Read More »

Save Energy This Summer – Leave the House

As we may have mentioned before, the easiest way to cut costs on your energy bill is to stop using so much energy. Summertime is the perfect season to get outdoors and cut ties with all your electronics! You might not know that your electricity utility rate is calculated based on your energy usage during… Read More »

Where Does My Electricity Come From?

We can all see the power lines that bring electricity to our homes, but what happens before the electricity gets into the lines? How is electric power generated in the first place? When you learn how power is generated, distributed, delivered and billed to your home, you’ll see it is almost a miracle that we… Read More »

Understanding Your Electric Bill

Do you ever feel like your utility doesn’t want you to understand the charges on your electric bill?  After all, you have no choice but to pay it every month, so why even bother telling you what you’re paying for, right? Maybe not.  Recent studies by Accenture show utilities all over the world falling into… Read More »