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Where Does My Electricity Come From?

We can all see the power lines that bring electricity to our homes, but what happens before the electricity gets into the lines? How is electric power generated in the first place? When you learn how power is generated, distributed, delivered and billed to your home, you’ll see it is almost a miracle that we… Read More »

Understanding Your Electric Bill

Do you ever feel like your utility doesn’t want you to understand the charges on your electric bill?  After all, you have no choice but to pay it every month, so why even bother telling you what you’re paying for, right? Maybe not.  Recent studies by Accenture show utilities all over the world falling into… Read More »

Home energy assessment

What is a home energy assessment? Also referred to as an energy audit, a home energy assessment is an analysis of your home’s energy efficiency, performed by an energy efficiency professional. There are a few different contractors that are qualified to perform home energy assessments in MA, but we find that the most savings come… Read More »

Energy Saving Tips

Save Energy in your Home or Small Business. You can choose to save energy and help our environment; it’s easy! Proper disposal or recycling of your CFL is important because it contains a small amount (3 to 15 mg) of mercury. Massachusetts EPA has qualified a number of locations where these lamps can be recycled.… Read More »